Liquid/Liquid Coalescers

FP Flat Plate Packs

These flat plate packs are manufactured in modular sections with plate spacing to suit the application. Plate angle is normally 45 or 60 degrees and common applications include crude oil/water separators.

MP Matrix Plate Packs

For better performance requirements a pack of shaped plates offers greater surface area and increased impingement. They are available in metal or plastic. Frequently used for production separators treating light or foamy oils, and FPSO service.

LP High Surface Packs

Using the latest designs, this plastic coalescer pack offers high performance and good fouling resistance in oily water separator applications.

DM Dual Media Mesh

The normal choice for clean, light hydrocarbon / aqueous liquid separation, these meshes are available in a wide range of materials and are typically 300-500mm deep.

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