Column, Separator & Reactor Internals

VID Vane Inlet Distributors

HAT supplies a range of gas inlet devices from simple deflectors through to complex multi-vane inlet distributors and de-foaming cyclones for higher performance, more compact vessel design.

OP/TD/PD Liquid Distributors

HAT will select the optimum liquid distributor style from our range of orifice, trough and pipe types to suit the application, column size, gas flow and liquid irrigation rate.

PSP & PSG Packing Support Plates & Grids

Our integrally reinforced random packing support plates are assembled from sections, perforated to ensure excellent flow distribution and 100% open area. Open grids are used to support structured packing beds.

Tower Internals

HAT supplies all other internals normally associated with mass transfer columns such as our CT chimney trays, BL bed limiters, redistributors, etc, within the AlphaPLUS range.

Separator Internals

We manufacture a variety of internals for 3 phase separators including single and double perforated distribution baffles, weirs and sand jet systems for fixed and FPSO applications.

Reactor Internals

We supply a range of internals for solid bed and specialist reactors including inlet/outlet baskets, pipe distributor trays, a range of plain and wedge-wire screens and baskets, support grids and media.

Download our AlphaPLUS product literature >>>>DS-TI Tower Internals.pdfDS-TI Tower Internals.pdf
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