Distillation Trays

ST Sieve Trays

This low cost, fractionating tray offers 2:1 turndown and good efficiency in clean service and, like all our trays, is available in a wide range of stainless steels and exotic alloys. Downcomers, seal pans and wiers are custom designed for each application.

FV Fixed Valve Trays

Fixed valve tray styles offer better turndown and more resistance to fouling as well as improved mechanical strength.

MV Moving Valve Trays

A self-cleaning tray with greatly improved turndown performance and little weeping. Round and rectangular valve designs available.

BC Bubble Cap Trays

Often used for low liquid loads, the bubble cap style also has the best turndown characteristics. Caps can be plain or slotted and are commonly 3", 4" or 6" diameter.

HS Highspeed Trays

Available either in stabilised sieve tray design or axial, swirltube design, the Highspeed tray offers much greater capacity per unit area than conventional sieve or bubble cap trays.

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DS-DT-03 High Performance Trays.pdf