Industries Served

Oil & Gas Production

Oil/Gas Separator & Scrubber Internals
Oil/Water Coalescer Packs
Column Internals for Gas Treatment with Glycols & Amines, Sour Water Degassing
Molecular Sieve Treater Support Screens
High Pressure Mist Elimination


Packings, Trays and Internals for Fractionation Columns
Structured and Grid Packings for Atmospheric and Vacuum Towers
Reactor Bed Support Screens
Mist Eliminators and Coalescers


Trays for Polymerisation Reactor Towers, Alkylation, etc
Distilation & Stripping Column Internals
Trays and Packings for Topping and Tailing Columns
Coalescers and Demisters

Chemical & Fertiliser

Packings in Special Materials for High Temperature or Corrosive Service
Packings and Coalescers for Liquid/Liquid Extractors and Separators
Quench Tower Trays and Packings
Ammonia Column Internals

Pharmaceutical & Food

Random and Structured Packings for Brewing Stills
Packings and Internals for Scrubber Towers
Customised Trays and Internals

Water Treatment

Packings for Air/Water Stripping
Desalination Evaporator Mist Eliminators & Column Packing
DWI and WRAS pproved Packings for Drinking Water Production


Packings for Odour Treatment Columns
Scrubbing Tower Internals
Flue Gas CO2 Removal using High Performance Scrubber Internals
Plume Reduction Mist Eliminators