Meeting the needs of the process industries since 1998, HAT International has developed its products and services around our customers’ requirements and now delivers superior quality, standard and bespoke process plant internals at very competitive prices and delivery times under the Alpha™ trade name.

Sieve, Valve, Bubble Cap and Highspeed Trays
Random and Structured Packings
Separator, Reactor and Vessel Internals
Mesh, Vane and Cyclone Mist Eliminators
Liquid/Liquid Coalescers

In our Alpha™ range of products you will find HAT’s improved versions of many industry standard styles of random and structured packing, trays, distributors, coalescers,mist eliminators etc, for which design data is well established and verified. You will also find in our portfolio a number of proprietary products offering performance benefits, some of which we manufacture and supply under license from established USA and European companies. Our process/hydraulic design of these products is checked and approved by the licensor for each application.

HAT is a UK registered company. Our Headquarters are located in Lancashire where our commercial and business development activities are based. Contracts are executed from our UK Operations Office in Staffordshire, and manufacturing is undertaken generally either at local workshops in the UK, or in India under the supervision of our India Operations Office in Pune.

In our Newcastle-under-Lyme Operations Office, our team of Engineers and Project Managers organise the design, material procurement and manufacturing to suit the customer’s technical specification. We will nominate a Project Manager to be the customer’s single point of contact for a purchase order. The Project Manager will be responsible for the engineering, procurement, expediting and contract management and is ultimately responsible for ensuring that project technical, quality and schedule / commercial requirements are met. The Project Managers report to the General Manager, who plans and allocates overall resources and conducts regular, weekly contract progress reviews.

In 2001 HAT established an Operations Office in Pune, India, to support our global engineering design and regional manufacturing activities. This office is responsible to for the quality and output of all locally manufactured goods, for the detailed mechanical design drafting of most products and for the smooth running of our Indian supply chain.

We operate to strict in house quality control procedures based on ISO 9001-2015 standards and all products are rigorously inspected prior to delivery. We use a range of approved sub-contractors to carry out the sheet metal work and can furnish comprehensive certification for materials, welding and testing as required.

We are confident you will find our responsiveness, product quality and cost effectiveness well above that of our competitors. Remember, Price x Quality = Value!