Random & Structured Packing

R+ and P+ Rings, S+ Saddles

These industry standard, generic packings (Raschig Rings, Pall Rings and Saddles) are available in a wide range of sizes and materials. They can be chemically cleaned and certified as approved for potable water treatment.

C+ and I+ Rings

Our higher efficiency packings offer lower pressure drop and are also available in a full range of materials and sizes.

SF+ Plastic Packing

This new generation of SF+ plastic packing combines very low pressure drop and high surface area, ideal for air treatment and bio filtration.

D, DHC and G Structured Packings

HAT’s D (metal) and G (gauze) structured packing provides excellent wetting in general applications. Available in 45 and 60 degree crimp angles and surface areas from 100-750m2/m3. Also high capacity DHC metal packing is now available.

GG and MG Specialist Structured Grid Pack

We manufacture several heavy duty packs such as our GG open grid and MG closed grid for difficult applications. Also we offer T (thermoplastic) pack for corrosive service.

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