Mist Eliminators

GP & DS Knitted Wire Mesh

This conventional, low cost, knitted wire mesh demister is available in a wide range of materials (including plastics), shapes and sizes for general purpose and dirty service applications at liquid rates up to 0.1% vol of the gas flow.

HE High Efficiency Mesh

For more high performance applications and finer mists we offer higher surface area designs using thinner wire, dual layers or materials and/or denser weaves. Used in combination with GP/DS styles they can accommodate similar liquid loads.

VV Standard Vane Type

Used for general purpose or dirty service, these VV style vane packs resist fouling and give excellent results at higher liquid loads (0.5 to 1.0% vol) in vertical or horizontal gas flow service.

VH Pocketed Vane Type

For applications requiring higher efficiency, or for low surface tension liquids, use a hooked (VH-1) or pocketed (VH-2) style vane pack to capture, collect and drain away the liquid mist. Combined with mesh pre-coalescers, vane packs offer excellent all-round performance.

SME Swirl Mist Eliminators & MC Multi-Cyclones

Our SME axial, swirltube cyclones offer much greater capacity per unit area than conventional mist eliminators and remain very effective at high gas pressures. Available in a range of stainless alloys, or polyamide as a low cost option. The MCE Multi-cyclone bundles are often used as single stage liquid/gas separation devices where solids or high levels of liquid are expected.

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